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What is MP3 Radio Promotions?

MP3 Radio Promotions delivers your music to music outlets and key personnel worldwide. Our service is unparrelleled in delivering music in the hands of radio(Internet, college, none & commercial, Satellite, syndicated shows , record pools, DJ’s, mix shows,  digital music servers, Encoding at all national tracking systems (BDS, Media Base, Radio Wave, Media Guide), and music trade publications. Independent artists and labels rely on us to promote their music to audiences in more than 100 countries around the world.


How Does MP3 Radio Promotions Work?

MP3 Radio Promotions, has established professional relationships with music industry personnel across the world.  Cutting back on time and cost of traditional music promotions, we use smart technology to promote your music. Digital technology such as the Internet, email delivery,  e-blasts and social networks, to expand project exposure. We also offer feedback from our expert panel of music executives and major radio programmers.

Who Benefits From MP3 Radio Promotions?

MP3 Radio Promotions benefits artists, management, and labels seeking a effective,  inexpensive and reliable way to reach radio and media. Our background has over 40 years in the music industry working with major record labels, independent labels, indie artists, music publications and radio markets. MP3 Radio Promotions offers a quick and effective way to reach key industry people, where the music is heard and previewed. If you are a radio, club or mix show DJ.  Please join our mailing list. (link)


MP3 Radio Promotions packages have been carefully assembled by our team of knowledgeable former radio promotion reps who have over 45 years of experience working for both major and independent labels in the US. . The packages are updated on a regular basis to ensure your release will be available to the right person at the right place.

Our packages are designed to suit your needs. Package pricing is dependent on number of destinations in each package. Your music is delivered instantly to the selected recipients; MP3 Radio Promotions saves you money, time, and labor.

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    J. Dash

    “Thanks for getting my numbers up!!”

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    LJ Reynolds

    “Love U guys work”

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    Constant Change

    “It is a miracle, I would say, that you have gotten my single to chart in the top 40 spot, the first time out, having no video or major record company affiliation”

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    TC Thompkins

    "We guarantee results!".

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    Get Your Numbers Up

    "In this game it's a numbers game...Exposure is key and we have the connections"

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